5 Tips for Industrial Soundproofing

Industrial soundproofing

The hustle of tow-motors, lift trucks, pallet jacks; the thrum of machines; the pounding of presses - all accost your hearing in an industrial setting. You’ve got to yell to talk over the noise…which yes – only creates more noise. According to the CDC, occupational hearing loss, due to high noise exposure, is the most common U.S. work-related illness.






 What can you do to control industrial soundproofing in your facility?








1. Cover the HVAC and mechanical.



With open concept office spaces being in high demand, CEO’s and landlords often forget that this concept exposes your architectural skeleton. Your employees can physically see the HVAC unit, can feel it and now hear it. Install sound-blocking materials to the interior of your HVAC ducts to eliminate the unwanted sound. 








Industrial soundproofing

2. Reducing the sound output of machines to within 2dB of their optimal achievable potential.



With 10% of worker’s compensation payroll going towards hearing loss claims, the American Industrial Hygiene Association(AIHA) released a study that suggests four guidelines to follow to determine whether or not your 

workspace dB is worth adding noise reduction materials to.  








3. Buy each employee sound-blocking headphones.




Erase sound disturbing your employees and their work ethic by purchasing sound-blocking headphones. Not only will this help decrease distracting noise but Harvard Business Review found that your associate’s work production will drastically increase! 










4. Install economical warehouse acoustic ceiling treatments.





Utilize your ceiling space to camouflage your acoustic treatment. Keep your office eco-friendly and noise to a minimum with Audimute’s sound absorbing  Drop-in Ceiling Tiles, Ceiling Clouds, Baffles and Pendants.








5. Use the above in combination.



Create optimal sound reduction in your industrial setting by combining all these sound proofing tips together!



Know you have a sound issue coming from your everyday tools and not sure where to apply soundproofing or sound blocking materials? Fill out one of our free room analysis forms to get expert advice!







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