The Anatomy of Audimute's Innovative Acoustical Panels

What are acoustic panels made of?


We talk a lot about the effectiveness of acoustic panels: their ability to reduce unwanted sound, diminish a problematic echo, and significantly abate reverberation infuses new life and atmosphere into any properly treated space.




Acoustic panels are simple by nature; however, the quality, construction, and longevity of acoustic panels across the market are not always equal. Like an award-winning recipe, the acoustic panels that stand out in value, style, safety, and innovation are the ones that have been tested and improved upon until they meet the highest standards and quality.







At Audimute, we believe in creating environmentally friendly acoustic solutions that are designed and hand-assembled in our home state of Ohio, using materials made in the USA.



An Audimute acoustic panel is made of:



     • Acoustic fabric made of post- and pre-consumer recycled polyester

     • A fully recyclable lightweight steel frame

     • Our own innovative green absorption material, eco-C-tex™, which is a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers




Why eco-C-tex? Standard acoustic panels are constructed with acoustic foam or fiberglass. eco-C-tex is a safer, greener alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, requiring 1/10th the energy to manufacture, and 1/40th of the energy used in manufacturing acoustic foam.




 See the in’s and out’s of Audimute's innovative acoustical panel:


                                                                           What are acoustic panels made of?




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