Announcing the Arrival of Our Coated Eco-C-Tex Products


Recently, Audimute launched its latest line of all natural, Coated eco-C-tex™ acoustic panels and baffles. These coated acoustic products are available in a variety of colors via Sherwin Williams’ line of paints (seen here) and are a welcome addition to any design. With so many color options available, the application possibilities are endless. Our Coated eco-C-tex™ Soundproofing Panels can adhere to walls and blend into ceiling trusses. Our Sound Baffles are the perfect solution for spaces with high ceilings and excessive reverberation.


Audimute's design consultants are available to help you create the space of your dreams. In the past, we have used our Coated eco-C-tex™ to help a client create a custom design wall that featured their company's logo and brand image. We have also been able to create custom sized and shaped panels for spaces with unique architectural detail. These coated acoustic products are also beneficial for customers that do not wish to feature their acoustic treatments. Choosing a custom color allows our clients to match their panels or baffles to their existing wall or ceiling. After installation, the panels and baffles will simply blend into their surroundings and will not interfere with the existing design.


Both of these products can be custom made to fit any design or space and are an affordable alternative to our decorative acoustic wall panels. Although more affordable, these coated acoustic products maintain their acoustic integrity and have an NRC rating of 1.0. If you are interested in learning more about Audimute’s Coated Eco-C-Tex™ Acoustic Panels and Sound Baffles please visit our website (here) for more information. If you are interested in the design possibilities for your space, please call us at 866-505-MUTE to speak with one of our acoustic specialists and design consultants. 


Announcing the Arrival of Our Coated Eco-C-Tex  Products