Collaborating with Students

At Audimute we are proud to be a part of our local community. It is this pride that guides us toward an investment and the cultivation of the next great minds that reside within our community.


Through internship programs, students both at the collegiate level and high school levels have the opportunity to become vital members of the Audimute team. We strive to create long lasting connections with students that carry on past their academic careers and give them confidence and knowledge for their future endeavors. At Audimute, Student Interns are highly valued for their creative thinking and problem solving skills as well as the energy that they bring to the office.


An example of work done by one of our student interns is that of Molly Finkenthal. As part of her Excel Tecc class at Beachwood High School, Molly documented the Life of an Audimute Custom Project and created a video for Audimute’s YouTube page. Less than a month since its posting this video has been viewed over one hundred times and serves as an example of what we can achieve by reaching out to the students of our local community.