Color Selection Made Easy

Easy color selection



Having trouble selecting colors? Take a ride around the color wheel with us as we break down the differences between analogous, complimentary, monochromatic and triadic colors. Plus get tips on the perfect color schemes for every space, style and personality. 








Color Selection Made Easy



Analogous Colors




Kick back and relax! Analogous colors are colors that sit right next to each other on the color wheel. These colors match perfectly with each other and are also said to create a serene and comfortable atmosphere! 


Colors made easy


How They Work: When using analogous colors, chose one dominate color, a second to support and a third to accent. Think of mustard and ketchup on a hot dog. The hot dog looks plain but add some ketchup and mustard and you got yourself America’s favorite food! 





                                            hot dogs                                                                                                                                                                                                


Complimentary Colors



Opposites attract. Complimentary colors are direct opposites on the color wheel. Use these colors to add some spice to your life and space!


Complimentary Colors


Inside Look: Not completely convinced that this will work in your space? No problem. Use wall décor, curtains, pillows and throws to help achieve the perfect complimentary look. 





                                               Bedroom Complimentary Colors                            


Monochromatic Colors



50 shades of grey. Use one color hue in all 50 (or more) shades to achieve a monochromatic look. Perfect for a balanced oasis and, an added bonus, it is easy to manage!


Monochromatic colors


Secret: most paint sample cards you get from your local hardware store shows a monochromatic color scheme. 


Paint cards


Triad Colors



Three’s a crowd! Pick three colors equally spread out on the color wheel to create the perfect triadic design. 


Triadic Colors


Tip Time: Not sure if the colors are evenly spaced? Simply take a cut out of a triangle and place one of the points on a color you want and let the rest fall into place! 


                                                                      Triad Colors


There’s an app for that! Don’t let being on the move stop you from choosing your colors! Download our favorite Adobe Kuler for anywhere access to perfect color coordination!   


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