Creative Acoustic Echo and Noise Control | Interview with Audimute's CEO

A recent interview with Audimute CEO Mitch Zlotnik, given on the occasion of Audimute's inclusion in the 2012 Weatherhead 100, gives a peek into the business philosophy that motivates us to continue providing the the best service and products on and


On thinking outside the box when it comes to acoustic echo and noise control:


"Our team is incredibly disciplined about placing our products only into situations where we can be successful. This means that we strive to deliver extraordinary value and solve our customers’ needs with every interaction.  At times, this also means we go beyond the normal boundaries of our processes and systems to leave our customers with the sense of having had a remarkable experience with our company... We empower our employees to go to extraordinary lengths to serve our customers, even when that means doing something a little different than normal…or even something totally new."


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