Deagan's Kitchen & Bar Restaurant Acoustic Solution

Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar restaurant sound solution


Think about this for a moment: you’re going out on a date with your significant other, or you’re going out to dinner with family to celebrate a birthday or an accomplishment, or you’re grabbing a bite to each with a friend you haven’t seen in over a year. What kind of atmosphere do you want to spend your time in?



A loud, overbearing environment where you’re practically screaming across the table? Or an intimate, modest environment where it seems as if it’s just you and your company?




We bet you chose the latter.

Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar restaurant soundproofing






Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar – an award-winning gastropub in Lakewood, Ohio – had a noise issue in a side dining area that’s used for additional seating and private parties. This long, narrow room is comprised of high backed wood booths and hard wall surfaces, creating the perfect environment for sound to literally bounce off the walls.





Discover how Audimute Acoustic Panels effectively solved Deagan’s Kitchen & Bar sound problem, and created a customized, entertaining atmosphere.