3 Ways to Amplify Your Design Aesthetic with Acoustic Treatment

Modern Office


Absorptive acoustic treatments can effectively solve a wide variety of acoustic issues in a wide range of applications.  But there is more to it than that.  Today, we will explore acoustic treatments that can be used to accentuate design elements in certain spaces, and even correct design flaws.


Scenario One: The Endless Corridor

Empty Corridor

The long, featureless corridor is instantly recognizable as an unfortunate byproduct of corporate buildings packed with offices.  Make the most of that hallway, both acoustically and aesthetically, by installing custom-coated eco-C-tex™  acoustic material at even distances down the length of the corridor.  A recently expanded line of coated eco-C-tex™ includes a full range of color options via the Sherwin Williams line of paints. To create a sense of perspective, and make the hallway more dynamic, use varying shades of the same color of coating.  Then install the acoustic material in succession, transitioning from light to dark down the hall.  This trick creates an illusion of depth, turning your boring hallway into a design statement.


Acoustically Enhanced Corridor


Scenario Two: Open Environments


Open Environment


Open-plan office spaces grew in popularity over the last several decades as a rebellion against the tyranny of a labyrinth of tiny cubicles and low ceilings that typified the mid-century office.  With the solution of one set of problems came another set.  Along with the acoustical nightmare that open environments cause (reverberant noise) there are also some design issues. Tall ceilings create a cavernous sensation that doesn’t call out any recognizable functioning areas.

A suspended acoustic cloud can be used to call out a specific area for a specific function.  In this example, a series of suspended clouds delineates boundaries for different waiting areas within a large entryway.  Acoustic clouds can also create a perception of a lower ceiling level and create a more comforting atmosphere. All this without sacrificing the epic, impressive effect that an open environment seeks to offer in the first place.


Open Environment



Scenario Three:  The Modern Design Aesthetic

Modern Design Aesthetic


Modern interiors have gained immense popularity in recent times.  All-white finishes, metal details and light masonry surfaces clad the interiors of these spaces, making them boring and lacking any contrast. Using eco-C-tex™ can mitigate the undesirable acoustic side-effects of all those hard design elements, while also accentuating stark (but sometimes bland) design by adding pops color.  The simple palettes favored by modern spaces make them the ideal backdrop for a vibrant variety of coated eco-C-tex™ and printed image acoustic panels.

Modern Design Aesthetics


 Don’t be limited by the ideas we’ve presented here!  With a little imagination, you, too, can find the perfect method of acoustic treatment to optimize your space’s design elements and acoustics.  For more inspiration, visit our image galleries or shop our many varieties of acoustic panels.




3 Ways to Amplify your Design With Acoustic Treatment