Soundproof Those Noisy Holiday Gifts


The holidays are approaching and we all know that means: tinsel dressed trees, homemade cookies and of course presents! Throughout the holiday season, both adults and children alike, anxiously anticipate the gifts they will receive. However, these gifts often come with a noisy price! Each unwrapped present reveals yet another noise polluting gadget that may take the jolly out of your holiday celebration.  Before you go all Grinch and cancel your family’s holiday celebration, there is hope this year. We have put together a list of gifts for every type of person in your life and the sound solution you may need to keep the peace this holiday season!

1.  For the film buff in your life:  

Each year your husband begs you for a new sound system for his home theater. But each year you ignore his request because the noise from his theater can already be heard throughout the home. There is a way for both of you to be happy! Adding Acoustic Panels and Bass Traps to your theater will help to reduce sound pressure levels in your room, allowing less sound to escape into other areas of the house. 

2. For the musician in your life: 

Last year you gave into to your son’s demands and bought him that brand new Gibson Les Paul electric guitar. This year, your son is in desperate need for the amplifier that accompanies that guitar. Instead of begrudgingly giving into to your son’s requests, purchase a pack of Absorption Sheets along with the new amplifier. These Absorption Sheets will minimize the extra noise in his playing space and maximize acoustic absorption, allowing your son to practice freely and your family to remain sane. 

3. For the baby in your life:

Your one year old can barely talk and yet he too has his little eyes set on a brand new Bat and Wobble Penguin. This fun loving toy may look harmless but each time your baby bats this inflatable penguin, four “silly” sounds come out. These sounds may seem bad but if you try taking the toy away from your baby, his screams may be louder than the toy itself. To keep you and your baby happy, try placing a sheet of Isole over your baby’s play room door. Isole will absorb the sounds from all of your child’s toys and can also block noise transfer between rooms. So your baby and the rest of your family can have a quieter holiday season.

Do not let noisy gifts come between you and your family this holiday season. This time of year should be joyful and you should enjoy the gifts you purchase for your family. We can help make your holiday season calm and quiet with any one of our acoustic treatment products. If you need assistance creating the perfect acoustic environment for your holiday celebration, give us a call at 866-505-8663, and one of our acoustic specialists will be more than happy to help.