Five DIY Interior Design Tips: Choose Your Wall Art

Five DIY Interior Design Tips: Choose Your Wall Art


The final Audimute DIY design tip is here! In our latest blog series we introduced 5 simple design tips to help our customers redesign their home living space. Our previous posts described measuring your room’s dimensions, gathering inspiration for your design, planning your design and choosing your color scheme. This week we will wrap up our series with our fifth and final DIY design tip!


Step 5: Choose Your Wall Art

If you are wondering why adding acoustic art panels to your space is necessary, we have the answer! Adding art to your vertical surfaces creates additional focal points throughout your room. Wall décor is also extremely flexible, as you can reconfigure, remove, or add pieces later on. The versatility of wall art makes it an easy way to decorate any style of room: so whether you want a modern feel or a traditional atmosphere it is easy to find pieces that will suit your style.

The addition of decorative acoustic panels in particular will look great in your space and will minimize the extra noise in your room. Audimute can help match your room’s style with our acoustic art panels. You can choose from one of our images or send us a custom image to add a personal touch to your space.  You can also use Audimute’s fabric covered panels to add texture to your walls.

Below are a couple of techniques you can utilize to select the right wall décor for your space: 

1. Pin point pieces that mean something to you. Don’t just choose a piece because it happens to fit your color scheme. You should choose art that means something to you. If you have a picture or an image you would like to use, let us know! We can create a custom piece of printed panel for you here

2. Use art as the room’s focal point. Select strong imagery to use as your room's focal point. Place your strong bold pieces on a main feature wall in your room. This feature wall will capture your guests' attention and draw people into your room. If you need ideas for inspirational imagery, you can browse our acoustic image panel gallery here!

3. Mix colors and textures to give your walls depth and dimension. To begin, reference your color scheme from our Fourth DIY Design Tip and then feature those colors in your art pieces. Then, contrast your bold art pieces with subtle solid colored or fabric covered panels. Fabric covered panels are a great way to add texture to a grouping of art. 

Once you have your wall art selected, you can begin experimenting with the proper placement for your space. Here are a few tips to help you out: 

• Center your art at eye level for maximum impact. If you do decided to add decorative decorative acoustic wall panels to your space, the sound panels should be placed at eye level for the best sound reduction results.

• Keep the bottom of the frame 6 to 12 inches above furniture. This will prevent your room from looking cluttered and crowded.

• Vary the amount of art you place on each wall. Try placing one large image on the main wall in your living space. Then, take your smaller art pieces and place them on a separate wall to create gallery feature wall.

Once your wall art is properly placed, your room redesign is finished… well, for now. As always, if you need any design assistance or acoustic advice give us a call, 866-505-MUTE, and one of our specialists will be able to assist you. For more design ideas and inspiration, check out our pinterest (@Audimute) or visit our website


Five DIY Interior Design Tips: Choose Your Wall Art