Five DIY Interior Design Tips: Grab Your Tape Measure



If you are doing a home redesign or simply looking to update your existing interior, we want to help make your project easier.  In addition, we would like to help you incorporate acoustic products into your space that are effective and will also enhance your design. Our latest blog series will provide simplistic design strategies to help you successfully restyle your home and improve your acoustic environment. 


Tip 1: Grab Your Tape Measure


Our first DIY design tip is to measure your space. Make sure to measure your room’s dimensions as well as ceiling height. Then, on grid paper, sketch out the dimensions of your room and make sure to note where your room’s fixed elements are. With this drawing, you will have a better idea of your space’s possibilities as well as limitations.This initial sketch will also help you execute your redesign plan with accuracy. 


We experienced this first hand when one of our customers, Saint Martin De Porres High School, redesigned their high school gymnasium. Their project, seen here, was implemented successfully because of careful planning and accurately measuring their space. Although their project was on a much larger scale than a home redesign, their methodology can still benefit any DIY designer.


After you measure your space you will also be more aware of the acoustic coverage your room may need. Typical home applications require 5%-25% wall coverage for light sound absorption. For more acoustic information please reference our Buyer’s Guide: Home and Living Space Acoustic Treatment here.


Do not panic if your initial sketch is less than perfect, this is simply a rough draft to help you conceptualize your project. If you are having trouble, feel free to give us a call (866-505-MUTE) and one of our designers will be more than happy to assist you. Look for our next blog post that will provide you with ideas to help you gather inspiration for your design




Five DIY Interior Design Tips: Grab Your Tape Measure