Five DIY Interior Design Tips: Gather Your Inspiration


Welcome back to “5 DIY Interior Design Tips” with Audimute. Our first DIY design tip was to "Grab Your Tape Measure" and record your room's dimensions. This initial step will allow you to have a better idea of what design techniques will or will not work in your room. Knowing your room’s limitations will be beneficial as you begin to brainstorm design ideas for your space. 


This brings us to our next DIY interior design tip: 


Step 2: Gather Your Inspiration 


Collecting design ideas will help you discover your personal style and aesthetic. First, consider what is most important you, design wise. Is it shape, color, function? Identifying your personality and what is important to you will help you filter your ideas. 


Begin searching for appealing imagery in magazines or in pictures that you have taken. There are also plenty of online websites that aim to inspire DIY design. For example, HGTV and DIY Network both have websites that offer a variety of inspirational imagery and simplistic design tips. Blogs, like, are also great resources for DIY designers.


If you are not on Pinterest, we recommend you join. This site is a gateway to crafty ideas and creative designs. While browsing this site, look for interesting color palettes, geometry of furniture and lighting as well as how people utilize their space. At Audimute, we use our Pinterest account to get inspiration for product development, use of color, and wall décor that works. Visit us at


As you are collecting inspiration, organize your design ideas onto a virtual inspiration board, like on Pinterest, or on a physical cork board. This will allow you to organize your design ideas and visualize your personal style. Below we have provided you with the imagery for a possible inspiration board. As you can see this board features a specific color scheme, interesting textures and a distinct personal aesthetic. Keep an eye out for next week’s DIY interior design tip: “Planning Your Room Design”.



Five DIY Interior Design Tips: Gather Your Inspiration