How Modern Design Sabotages Your Acoustic Environment


Today, modern design is characterized by exposed systems, dematerialization and exposed systems. These trends can create acoustical problems that designers overlook when renovating a new space. When the remodel is finished, the poor sound quality often creates a need for decorative acoustic panels.

Considering acoustics prior to a renovation may actually reduce your need for treatment later down the road. The minimalistic elements, common in contemporary design, can prohibit sound waves from being properly absorbed. The lack of acoustic absorption forces the sound waves to reflect back and forth, creating a troublesome reflection pattern, also known as an echo. This echo can be irritating, inhibit productivity and can even cause health problems. 


Here at Audimute, our office is always being redesigned to account for our rapid growth. Like every company, we want our office environment to be aesthetically pleasing and foster productivity. However, over the past year we have added 15 new employees and we can not redesign our office fast enough to provide all of our employees with a quiet place to work. Luckily, since we work with acoustic panels everyday, we knew we had to have plans in place to design for acoustic issues before we even started. Even though it is chaotic now, we know in the future we will have a great acoustic environment! 


Over the next few posts we will describe three trends that are particularly troublesome for acoustic treatments: dematerialization, green building and HVAC design advancement.