Audimute's 100 Seconds to Shine

Audimute Employees



Recently Audimute was invited to submit a video for The Better Business Bureau's ‘90 Seconds to Shine’ social media video campaign. We were very excited to have the opportunity to share a snapshot of Audimute's company culture with the world. We had a great time putting the video together and feel that it’s a great representation of the atmosphere at Audimute. While putting the video together we learned a lot about each others personalities and what it takes to make Audimute’s personality Shine.  Our culture is one of exploration, excitement and hard work.  We have a great group of employees that strive to make Audimute a great place to work which creates great products and a great experience for our customers. Our goal for the video was to show the efficiency of our product while showing off the great people who make it all possible.


Please take a look at our submission and vote for us as your favorite 90 seconds to shine video.