A GIF Guide to Sound Absorbing vs. Isolation

Something Doesn't Sound Right


Looking into soundproofing a space may be overwhelming. With so many technical terms out there, figuring out what product is best for your particular sound problem can be a headache. So if you’re not a soundproof expert, we have put together a “highly technical” guide to help you distinguish the difference between two common sound terms: absorbing and isolation.


Sound Isolation can be defined as using sound insulation material to prevent sound moving into and out of a room. For example, you need sound isolation, such as Audimute’s Peacemaker, when you feel as though you can no longer stand your noisy neighbors.


Sound absorption can be defined as properties of a material that can improve the sound quality in a room. With use of sound absorption materials such as noise reduction panels, reverberation, echoes and unwanted noise can be prevented. This leads to a cleaner and less cluttered sound. So for example, you may need a sound absorbing product (like our Audimute Acoustic Panels) if you begin to have conversations with your own echoes.




So are you starting to get the hang of it? Ok so now let’s say you live in an apartment and like to throw awesome dance parties with 100 of your closest friends (who doesn’t?). However, your neighbors in the apartment below may not enjoy the party as much as you (party poopers). So you may need a sound blocking/ isolation product like our sound reduction panels to keep the party alive and the police away! 



Finally, let’s say you are the world’s greatest drummer and you like to rock out at ALL hours of the day, but the noise is deafening for you and for everyone within a hundred mile radius. This is when you should consider an absorption product, such as Audimute’s Absorption Sheets, to minimize the noise for you and all of your neighbors. 



This extensive and official guide should have answered all of your questions regarding soundproofing. However, if you still have questions feel free to call us at 866-505-MUTE or visit our website for more information.