Case Study: Acoustical Solutions for Zen Bistro Thai Restaurant

Acoustical Solutions for Zen Bistro

“The personal touch of emails and phone calls was a real help to me. What we talked about was done in a timely fashion, and the panels were exactly what I was told and they are beautiful on the walls.”

-- Kim Kamchan, Owner, Zen Bistro Thai Restaurant


With 70 seats, wooden floors, and low ceilings, the main dining room of Zen Bistro Thai Restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida, needed some acoustical solutions. “Most lunch hours we have a full house with local businessmen and women. On the weekends, families want to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries together,” says owner Kim Kamchan. “The noise was through the roof.”

Acoustical Solutions Panels


Kamchan discussed acoustical solutions for the bistro with Audimute’s Acoustic Specialist, Mallory, by phone and email. “Mallory talked me through different ways to soundproof a loud restaurant, and explained that while not all voices would be eliminated, the sound would be more tolerable and the walls would look like they had art work on them.”

The decision was made to cover open wall space with a total of 42 custom acoustic panels. “We wanted to use Thai Silk since we had a trunk full of it at home,” says Kamchan. “After Audimute tested a sample and decided it would work, I cut the material to the sizes we needed to fill the empty space on the walls and sent it to Ohio.”

Acoustical Solutions Panels


By removing the loud echo in the space the panels have proven to be the right acoustical solutions, and Kamchan says the material looks as beautiful and colorful on the walls as Mallory had promised. “We are a busy restaurant and will always be loud with customers having a good time, but it’s not unbearable anymore. The sound proof panels worked and look so nice, we’re delighted with the outcome.”

As an added bonus, installation of all the panels only took two and a half hours. “It was a complete family effort and we still got to see the second half of the World Cup final.”