Art Acoustic Image Panels 2' x 3' x 4''

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Audimute decorative acoustic panels will transform your environment. Form and function merge in our decorative acoustic wall panels giving you an acoustic design option for your home theater, recording studio, office, restaurant, or music room that incorporates vivid imagery and high performance sound absorption. Not only are our decorative acoustic wall panels highly effective (with an NRC rating of 1.0), they are made using environmentally friendly technology and materials. Audimute's decorative acoustic panels feature eco-C-tex, the greenest acoustic absorption material on the market. Made of cotton and cellulose (recycled paper!), eco-C-tex panel manufacturing process uses 1/10 the energy compared to fiberglass insulation, and 1/40 of the energy compared to foam insulation.

Audimute decorative acoustic panels are available in a variety of shapes, sizes colors, and images. Use our decorative acoustic wall panels as artwork, combine image panels with regular fabric covered panels, or create any decorative combination including using your own image, photo or logo. Mix and match room acoustic panels to create a unique designer look.

Audimute Decorative Acoustic Panels offer:

  • excellent acoustic absorption properties - NRC 1.0 - particularly effective at absorbing mid- and high frequencies
  • fire safe materials - class A fire rated (NFPA)
  • high quality, durable fabric wrapped edge frame of lightweight metal hand assembled in the USA from start to finish
  • eco-friendly construction, featuring fabrics made of 100% recycled or compostable material and our trademarked acoustic absorption material eco-C-tex, the GREENEST sound absorption material in today's marketplace! (eco-C-tex is a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers - the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper - and is the GREENEST alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, requiring 1/10 of the energy to produce.)
  • hangs in seconds, like a framed picture, using our panel wall clip (1 clip per panel is included with your order).
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Custom Acoustic Image Panels:

 Installation Instructions

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Available colors/patterns: Unlimited...any high resolution digital artwork, logo, or photograph can be printed

Available sizes:
2” thickness: 1’ x 2’, 1’ x 3’, 1’ x 4’, 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 4’, 3’ x 3’, Custom
4” thickness: 2’ x 2’, 2’ x 3’, 2’ x 4’

Mounting/Installation: Panel clips (recommended for walls) or corner mount

Care Instructions: Standard Care Label W-S. Clean with water based cleaning agents, foam or pure

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