Serene Landscapes Acoustic Image Panels 2' x 2' x 1.5"

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Audimute Acoustic Image Panels offer:

  • Quick and Simple Ordering Process: a simplified image selection process, with the same high-quality end product as our Custom Image Acoustic Panels
  • Excellent Acoustic Performance: rated at NRC 1.0 – perfectly absorptive and particularly effective at absorbing mid and high frequencies
  • Safety: fire safe materials - class A fire rated (NFPA)
  • Sturdy Construction: high quality, durable fabric wrapped edge frame of lightweight metal, hand assembled in the USA from start to finish
  • Eco-Friendly Composition: featuring fabrics made of 100% recycled or compostable material and our trademarked acoustic absorption material eco-C-tex, the GREENEST sound absorption material in today's marketplace! (eco-C-tex is a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers - the majority of which is post-consumer recycled newspaper - and is the GREENEST alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, requiring 1/10 of the energy to produce.)
  • Easy Installation:  image panels hang in seconds, like a framed picture, using our panel wall clip (1 clip per panel is included with your order).
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