Daycare Acoustic Wall Decorations

Looking for daycare decorations that are stimulating for children and also match your facility's décor can prove to be a challenge. Daycare wall decorations play a large role in creating a positive atmosphere for children and staff. When parents walk into your space the daycare decorations they see can ultimately influence their decision to enroll their child.

Audimute’s AcoustiColor™ Acoustic Tiles combine aesthetics with function, offering unique designs and acoustic absorption properties. Tile-style panels offer many flexible design choices, for any dimension of wall. Alternatively, Audimute can create a custom shape eco-C-tex panel to match your exact specifications. Each custom cut shape is made to order and is painted to match your existing décor.

When parents tour the facility you can stress how important it is that you have created a positive learning environment and that the acoustic properties of the daycare decorations you applied reduce sound pressure in the space which ultimately enhances their child’s experience.

Audimutes Custom Cut Daycare Wall Decorations

  • Absorb mid and high frequencies
  • Standard options, or made to order (match colors to your space)
  • Quick and easy adhesive backing
  • Free Shipping
  • Eco friendly

In addition to our custom cut shapes we offer a variety of standard and custom image acoustic panels, perfect for decorating offices and reception desks. You can easily create an image acoustic panel of your daycare’s logo or any image of your choosing. Give us a call today at (866) 505-6883 to discuss your project.