How to Soundproof an Office

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Improve Office Productivity with Acoustic Solutions

Did you know that poor acoustics in office spaces can be a huge distraction to employees, which can cause production to decrease up to 66%?

You've been asked to look into how to soundproof an office and don't know where to start the, now what? In most cases, acoustical comfort can be improved in work spaces with the addition of acoustical absorption to horizontal and vertical surfaces. Absorption materials placed on barriers that are appropriately impervious to sound penetration will reduce the intrusive noise common in offices. At Audimute, we have worked with numerous businesses in a variety of industries to help reduce these distractions and increase company productivity.

Why are acoustics so important in offices?

The two main reasons acoustics are crucial in office settings are employee distractions and the overall privacy of confidential information. Conversations between coworkers that carry across the office space can get others off-track, cause an increase in stress and can lead to an overall decrease in productivity. In addition to this, it’s much easier for confidential information to be heard through office walls or conference rooms.

How can Audimute help?

When someone comes to us with questions about soundproofing an office, we find their real need is for decorative acoustic absorption. Our eco-friendly, class A fire-rated acoustic panels offer one of the most versatile and effective solutions in office soundproofing. From custom designed acoustic murals to simple standard size acoustic panels in neutral tones, our acoustic designers and specialists will work with you to identify:

  • What types of materials are best suited to your space
  • The amount of coverage needed to meet your acoustic absorption needs
  • Design options including branded logo panels, printed image or graphic panels, and panels wrapped in standard, designer or custom fabric

Contact our sound experts today and see how Audimute can increase your office’s LEED score and improve productivity for the future.