Improving Acoustics in Retail Spaces


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Improve Acoustics to Help Drive Sales!

Maximize the impact of your messaging with room acoustics. Music, the sounds of foot traffic or road noise, loud customers, or even construction next door can distract your customer right at the moment when you most want them focused on their decision to buy. By improving room acoustics with Audimute's acoustic panels, you give your customers the best possible environment for shopping and your sales or service members will be able to better engage with your customers. No yelling, no repeating answers, no mistaken or misunderstood questions caused by an environment that is too loud. Read how our panels are improving room acoustics in our customers' retail spaces. 

Use Branded or Logo Acoustic Image Panels to "Speak" to Your Customers

Audimute's custom image panels have been widely adopted by innovative and design driven retailers as functional alternatives to regular signage, branded wall decor, banners, and posters. Not only do Audimute's acoustic panels reduce echo and reverberant noise, creating a more comfortable acoustical environment, they offer another way to communicate to visitors and shoppers alike. Improving room acoustics in your retail spaces is not difficult. Read through our Buyer's Guide for Improving Room Acoustics or let us help you develop a plan for treating the acoustic problems in your space. Get started with our free room analysis -- it takes only 2-3 minutes to complete -- and an Audimute acoustic specialist will call you back within 1 business day to offer practical advice for treating your space.