Custom Acoustic Solutions

Custom Size Acoustic Panels

Custom Size Acoustic Panels

Explore our custom options

Bring your space to life with your own personal touch! Anything you can imagine Audimute can make into a panel. Create unique acoustic décor with custom fabric, image, and size panels.

Custom Size Acoustic Tiles

Custom Size AcoustiColor Tiles

Thousands of custom color options

Acoustic décor made with your design in mind. Create permanent tileable designs in your custom fabric wrapping, AcoustiColor® coating, and size.

Acoustic Designer Signs

Audimute Acoustic Designer Signs

Custom branding and logos

Create custom branding and logos designed to your size, shape, colors, and font specifications. Upload a logo or craft a new one with AcoustiColor® shapes and letters.

Acoustic Custom Word Wall Letter

AcoustiColor® Custom Word Wall Art Letters

Custom sizes, fonts, and letters

Add a special touch to any room and make your walls come alive with fully customizable word wall art.

Custom Size isolé Sound Absorption

Custom Size isolé

2-in-1 sound solution

isolé is perfect for your sound absorption and sound isolation needs. Hang it on any door, window, or wall, to effectively isolate and absorb sound.

Decorative Art Frames

Decorative Art Frames

Enhance your panels

Create a panel exactly the way you want it. Any size, any fabric and any image, art, or logo on the panel of your choice.