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The Cone of Silence™

Hanging Pendant Baffles

Acoustic Ceiling Pendants

Create captivating and visually exciting ceiling displays that aid in reducing excessive reverberation.

Audimute Acoustic Designer Signs

Audimute Acoustic Designer Signs

Custom branding and logos

Create custom branding and logos designed to your size, shape, colors, and font specifications. Upload a logo or craft a new one with AcoustiColor® shapes and letters.

Related Products / Accessories

Mounting Hardware

Designed for Audimute products

Quickly install acoustic wall panels with panel clips, security clips, or corner mounts specifically crafted for our panels.

Sample Packs + Rebates

Try before you buy!

See our sample packs and learn about available rebates.

Alternative Products

Acoustic Tiles

Adhesive acoustic shapes

Your choice of precision cut straight or beveled edge acoustic tiles designed to match up with a near seamless result for any scale wall design.

Ceiling Products

Clouds, Baffles, & Tiles

Integrated acoustic systems for home enthusiast, architects, and designers, seeking innovative ideas for acoustic ceiling solutions.

Custom Acoustics

Custom acoustic options

Create a personalized solution that fits your décor needs as well as your acoustic needs.

Acoustic Panels

Standard fabric sound treatments

Classic panels wrapped in your choice of customary, luxury, and designer acoustic fabrics for a finished look unique to your space.

View All Acoustic Panels

Panels, tiles, and custom options

View all that Audimute Acoustic Panels has to offer.