Customer Reviews: Gallery Space Acoustic Panels

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Gallery Space Acoustic Reviews

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"The Staff at Audimute are always a pleasure to work with, the standard panels exceed anything we could have expected in terms of performance (in two different projects now), installation is simple, the panels add to the decor rather than detract from it, quality is great, and shipping is fast. Yes - I am a fan of Audimute and look forward to further interactions as needs arise within our organization. The standard panels look great and are stunningly effective at reducing "echo". Designing a solution, with a few pointers from the always helpful Staff at Audimute, is easy - one need not be an acoustical engineer to come out looking like a hero. I continue to be very impressed with Audimute's Staff and products."

Paul's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels 

Standard Acoustic Panel Review

"We ordered custom image panels and designer fabric panels. All of the panels turned out great and have made a significant improvement in the sound quality within the rooms."

Sara's Review of Standard Acoustic Panels 

Designer Acoustic Panel & Acoustic Art Panel Review 

"The product is excellent. The echo in our Lobby has really become less noticeable. The colors that the panels are available in are very up to date and neutral."

Andrea's Review of Designer Acoustic Panels & Acoustic Art Panels