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Improve the acoustics in your space with Audimute.

From the home to the office, from commercial settings such as restaurants and boutiques to institutional settings such as church sanctuaries and health centers, sound impacts your daily life — and creating the best environment, not just acoustically, for your needs means everything to us. For over 20 years, Audimute has set the standard in providing free sound advice, acoustic design consultation, and cutting edge acoustic treatments.


Audimute Founder & President

Where did it start?

Mitch Zlotnik, Founder and President of Audimute, needed soundproofing to keep the peace in his household while he played his drums. The solution he found became the basis of Audimute. With several years behind him of product development and innovation based on customer feedback (and personal use of the products), Mitch brought his products and vision to the Web with Customers looking for items such as portable acoustic sheets, sound barriers (like Peacemaker®), isolation products, and drum accessories experienced the benefits of Mitch's ideas and Audimute's promise of value: solution driven advice by sound experts given freely, high-performance eco-friendly products, and unparalleled service.

Today, Audimute is an innovator in the acoustics industry. We remain driven by our founding principles—cutting-edge technology, environmentally conscious innovation, and quality craftsmanship. We offer superior acoustic products for every use and budget.

Expect Great Things from Your Acoustics Expert

We realize that choosing the right acoustic treatment for your personalized space can be complicated. Every environment is unique, and every person using a space will perceive sound (as well as other special elements such as light, color, finishes, etc.) differently. Our job is to help you find the solution that meets your needs - acoustically, financially, and aesthetically. Our Acoustic Specialists have years of experience and knowledge to handle any project. No matter the challenge, we have the expertise to guide you to the right solution and the right product. If your situation is so unique that we can't solve your problem, we'll tell you so and send you in the right direction for finding someone who can help!

Project Management Method - PISO (Problem, Integration, Solution, Outcome)

Audimute solves sound issues using a proven method. It’s not luck that we cause success for our clients every time we are engaged in a project, large or small. We establish a plan in our process and execute the plan. While there is great flexibility in the visual design elements, the path to your desired acoustic condition in your space(s) is not. Audimute will produce an outcome that enables your stakeholders to use your space(s) as you originally intended, and for which we can be acoustically accountable:

Understanding the PROBLEM (underlying acoustical issues) is primary, followed by establishing a budgetary balance of form & function (INTEGRATION) of a SOLUTION (sound design, type, amount, and position of materials, functional elements, etc.) that enables a desired OUTCOME where a space can be used as originally intended.

Acoustic Panels in Gym

Great sound, great pricing

We refuse to compromise on the quality of our products and service and we believe that high-quality acoustical treatment doesn’t need to be expensive. As a family-owned company, and as the manufacturer of the products we sell, we can give you efficient, effective, and easy-to-install acoustic treatments at a very affordable price. Our lead time for all of our Products including Custom Products is among the shortest in the industry, and we'll deliver what we promise. No surprises!

We’re as committed to customer service as we are to great sound. Real people answer our phones.

We are dedicated to getting you the right acoustic treatment, and getting it to you fast. If you have questions, then reach out to us via chat, by phone 1-866-505-MUTE, or using our Contact Form. If you need acoustic advice, try starting with our Free Room Analysis Form and an Acoustic Specialist will be in touch to offer guidance by the next business day.