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Audimute Reviews rave about our service, our products, and most of all, our results.  Here is what some of our customers have to say about their Audimute experience:

"Beautiful and functional all at the same time. The only thing better than the product is the customer service!!!"

"The customized photo panels are absolutely beautiful. The difference in sounds in the office is tremendous. Where before sounds were traveling up the hallway (a sound tunnel), now the sounds are muffled and absorbed.   I am completely satisfied with the end product: its functionality and its aesthetics. Thank you for developing such a commodity."

"Panels exceeded expectations. Customer support from before panels were produced through their arrival at our office was exceptional."

"My panels arrived today, and I put them up this afternoon. They’re exactly what I had in mind. Not only do they tame reflections in my control room, they’re absolutely beautiful as well. Thanks so much. I will recommend your company to musician and engineer friends, and will call you first if I need anything else. Again, my deepest thanks for a great product and wonderful service."

"I feel that product is of superior quality and will enhance not only the look of our dispatch department with the choices of colors but will eliminate any background noises when our dispatchers are on a call which could save lives."

"Needed the exact size that you make to use with my Sjofn speakers. They work wonderfully, as advertised, and look great. I have to place my speakers near a large glass door in a non-carpeted room with high ceiling. The Audimute panels have transformed the sound in a good way."

"Price, looks, ease of installation (outside of walls) AND the customer service was phenomenal! I was surprised at how helpful and concerned they were! You guys are great!  My call was referred to a specialist who took the time to reach out to me and call me on my schedule and then proceeded to help with suggestions and every question that I had. You guys are really great and so helpful and caring!"

"We purchased muting sound boards for a small conference room we have. We customized our boards with pictures of our work - they turned out great! They look very professional, and make an impact when you walk into the room. Everyone who has seen them has been impressed."

"They look great, they sound great and installation was very easy. In my opinion there is no safer (without fiberglass inhalation or poor fire rating), less damaging (to the walls) way to acoustically treat a room. And for the price it almost seems too good to be true. The room acoustics are very natural but control and detail are present. I saved a lot of money buying this treatment because I was going to replace my studio monitors, for lack of clarity. Now after the treatment I couldn’t be happier with their detail and frequency response. It is true that the single most important improvement anyone can do for their studio is the acoustic treatment. I love your product! "

"Took products out of the box and placed them within our house.....What a difference! We were getting such an echo it was becoming a pain. With the panels, it sounds like any other room! It is a rare thing to find a “Customer First” organization. You guys were easy to talk to, helpful, and eager to answer any questions I had."

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