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Sound Acoustic Education

About Sound

About Sound

Discover what acoustic products are and learn how they work to improve sounds within a space. Learn about sound and better understand the steps to begin your own acoustic treatment.

product information

Product Information

Learn about Aduimute's soundproofing and sound absorption materials and see the anatomy of an acoustic panel, including frame placement, fabric wrapping, and thickness options. Learn about our eco-friendly sound absorbing core, recycled materials, and energy saving construction.

Acoustic Case Studies

Customer Showcase

Audimute has been sound solution for every personal and commercial space from restaurants and studios to houses of worship and offices. Learn why some of our customers chose Audimute and see how our products have transformed their décor and acoustics.

Acoustic Image & Video Gallery

Images & Videos

Explore our Image and Video galleries of acoustic treatments! View previous customer's application images and get design inspiration for your space or watch product installation videos, soundproofing tips videos and much more!

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

Follow the simple step by step installation instructions for all Audimute acoustic products. Instructions include clear process, picture aids, product contents, and suggested tools to ensure a safe and steady installation, as well as care and cleaning tips for long-lasting wall or ceiling display.

Frequently Asked Questions


Questions are brought to us every day through our online chat, phone, and email support. For your convenience, we’ve answered our most common customer questions from acoustic panel information to shipping procedures.