Improved Website Technology Aligns Audimute For Continued Growth And Innovation.


We are pleased to announce that One Wish LLC’s subsidiary companies Audimute Soundproofing and Audimute Acoustic Panels merged to operate as one newly redesigned corporate website, In addition to the introduction of our new web platform, Audimute has also released an updated logo to better represent our corporate identity as an organization.

The merger of Audimute’s two websites greatly expanded our ability to integrate our product and service portfolios. Our goal is to continue delivering innovative, high-quality products in our current and expanding markets. This includes the introduction of exciting new products.

The site offers a clean design with intuitive and consistent site-wide navigation. The improved menu functionality directs you to the information most important to you. These enhancements are fully responsive with superior optimization for mobile devices, making it more compatible and easier to navigate.

We’ve also updated our video content to provide you with an interactive product experience. Our Education & Resource Center contains a library of whitepapers, guides, templates, and improved content designed to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

Audimute customers can be assured they will continue to enjoy the same excellent service and support they have come to expect. Our experienced Acoustic & Customer Solutions Specialists are still available to provide superior assistance. 

We want Audimute to be synonymous with quality! 

Audimute Receives Weatherhead 100 Award: Press Release

Audimute Weatherhead 100


The Cleveland Parent Company of Audimute Soundproofing, Audimute Acoustic Panels, Medic Batteries, and Is Recognized by COSE and Weatherhead School of Management As One of the Region's Top Growth Companies


December 6, 2012 - As a first-time Weatherhead 100 winner, One Wish LLC, the e-commerce company with soundproofing and bulk battery divisions, ranked 26th out of 100, with sales growth of 152%. Presented by Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Management and the Cleveland Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE), the Weatherhead 100 distinguishes the region’s 100 fastest growing companies for 2012, based on sales from the last five years.


"We're elated to be recognized for this prestigious award," said Mitch Zlotnik, founder and President of One Wish LLC.  "This attests to our dedication to impeccable customer service and continuous innovation that results in this high level of business success. We encourage our team of professionals to take risks, to be creative and innovative. They have taken this freedom and made more from it as a whole than any of us could have singularly. We’re proud of our team, and we look forward to continuing our growth and building relationships through exceptional service and work."


With 25 employees, One Wish LLC is headquartered in Beachwood Ohio. Its family of companies conducts business on the web as,,, and Since its inception in 2005, the company has been servicing a wide variety of industries through its e-commerce properties including healthcare, construction, architecture and design, restaurant and hospitality, house of worship, music and entertainment, manufacturing, and education. The acoustics division, Audimute, designs and manufactures eco-friendly solutions for noise abatement and sound control in residential, commercial, and institutional spaces.


Founded in 1987, the Weatherhead 100 has honored the fastest growing companies of Northeast Ohio. This highly regarded reward is a tribute to the dedication, commitment, and innovation of successful companies throughout the region.

Creative Acoustic Echo and Noise Control | Interview with Audimute's CEO

A recent interview with Audimute CEO Mitch Zlotnik, given on the occasion of Audimute's inclusion in the 2012 Weatherhead 100, gives a peek into the business philosophy that motivates us to continue providing the the best service and products on and


On thinking outside the box when it comes to acoustic echo and noise control:


"Our team is incredibly disciplined about placing our products only into situations where we can be successful. This means that we strive to deliver extraordinary value and solve our customers’ needs with every interaction.  At times, this also means we go beyond the normal boundaries of our processes and systems to leave our customers with the sense of having had a remarkable experience with our company... We empower our employees to go to extraordinary lengths to serve our customers, even when that means doing something a little different than normal…or even something totally new."


Read the complete interview here.

Audimute Blog: Ch-ch-ch-Changes!







We’re back – and we’re changing the way we do things around here!


If you know anything about Audimute, you know we’re based in Cleveland, OH, and we’re proud of it!  It’s safe to say Cleveland has an interesting reputation. (Yes, we saw the Cleveland Tourism Video too, and we giggled.  A little.) 


But a quiet revolution is currently transforming Cleveland. Urban infill projects in both residential and commercial areas have sparked regeneration in the downtown area. Cleveland’s food culture and entertainment scene have sprung to life creating a unique nightlife that is distinctively Cleveland. At Audimute we are proud of Cleveland’s past and excited about its future and what it holds in store for us. 


As Cleveland changes, Audimute has been changing too. Our team has nearly doubled in the past year and big changes have created even bigger goals. Reexamining how we approach everything, from our products to our daily operations, has made Audimute stronger and reignited our enthusiasm.


With a renewed focus on design and persistent dedication to exceptional customer service, we believe that Audimute is on a path that revolutionizes the way we approach product development and the way we do business, allowing us to serve more people and solve more problems.   All the excitement has sparked thought and discussion around the office,  and we’ve decided to begin blogging as a forum to collect and explore these ideas.


Don’t expect us to talk about acoustics all the time! We want to use this space to talk and write about what we're interested in as a company.  Expect us to talk about office potlucks, or what exhibit we saw this weekend in Cleveland.  But also, don’t be surprised to see examinations on how current interior design trends affect the way we think about our products, or reflections about being a small business in an era of big corporations.


Audimute is more excited than ever about the future, and it shows in the products we’re creating, the relationships we’re building, and the path we’ve mapped out for ourselves as a company.


We hope you enjoy.


Audimute Employees

Collaborating with Students

At Audimute we are proud to be a part of our local community. It is this pride that guides us toward an investment and the cultivation of the next great minds that reside within our community.


Through internship programs, students both at the collegiate level and high school levels have the opportunity to become vital members of the Audimute team. We strive to create long lasting connections with students that carry on past their academic careers and give them confidence and knowledge for their future endeavors. At Audimute, Student Interns are highly valued for their creative thinking and problem solving skills as well as the energy that they bring to the office.


An example of work done by one of our student interns is that of Molly Finkenthal. As part of her Excel Tecc class at Beachwood High School, Molly documented the Life of an Audimute Custom Project and created a video for Audimute’s YouTube page. Less than a month since its posting this video has been viewed over one hundred times and serves as an example of what we can achieve by reaching out to the students of our local community.



Where do color trends come from?


Color trends and graphic trends tend to begin in the fashion industry. Why? Fashion designers are forced to design lines every quarter or with the change of the seasons. Unlike architecture that tends to take years to be produced after the initial design is realized, fashion has the ability to be produced in relatively quick turn around. Fashion week in Cities such as New York and Milan give a platform form for fashion designer, fashion houses, and labels to have a forum to communicate their design intent. It is this reason that designers of all sorts turn to the fashion world for emerging color trends.


Another source for designers is the Pantone color forecast which is released every year. Pantone recently released their 2014 home color predictions at The International Home and Housewares show in Chicago. The Style and Substance Pantone color forecast has something for everyone. There are no less than 9 color directions and 73+ colors, no matter what your style is you have to find something that appeals to you. “Consumers are becoming increasingly color savvy and color aware, said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. To successfully entice them, colors and color combinations must be appealing, evocative, transformative and most importantly, on-target.”  Here are a couple of groupings from Pantones Color Forecast for 2014.


Color Swatches

New Bleach-Cleanable HC Acoustic Fabric Wall Panel

Making a Mess

We all make messes sometimes.  That’s why we’re excited to offer a new bleach-cleanable covering for our tested and trusted acoustic panels. 


Both our standard and designer acoustic panel fabriccan be safely cleaned only with a brush or vacuum. Our new collection of HC Acoustic Panels are covered with fabric from Guilford of Maine’s Studio 54 line.  This fabric can be cleaned repeatedly with bleach without damaging or otherwise altering the look of the material. 


And industrial durability doesn’t mean an industrial look.  We will start out providing eleven standard colors.  This range of soft shades have a shimmery sheen, adding a touch of light and designer style to any space.


We’re happy to offer this new option to customers who need to conform to strict cleanliness standards, whether required by law, or for other reasons.  HC Bleach-Cleanable Acoustic Panels are especially suited for healthcare applications, doctor’s offices, hospitals, or facilities that deal with food, children, or animals (or all three).


Our HC Acoustic Fabric Wall Panels are great for everyday acoustic applications and are also tough enough for high use and high energy environments. They are great for healthcare facilities, hospitality and the restaurant industry as well as residential environments. HC Acoustic Fabric Wall Panels have the ability to easily be cleaned that heavily used areas demand, along with the acoustic characteristics that Audimute acoustic panels are known for. Like our other acoustic paneling the HC Acoustic Fabric Wall Panels are made in the USA and composed of 100% recycled materials, making them one of the GREENEST and most cleanable acoustic solutions on the market.


Learn more about Audimute HC Acoustic Panels here: /fabric-wall-panels

Audimute vs. Cringe-Worthy Moments in Television

Soundproofing Solutions in Television


You know those cringe-worthy conflicts you watch unfold in film and on television due to poor noise control? What about those sounds you wish you never heard? Well at Audimute, we cringe harder. Why? Because we know these conflicts could have been prevented with a simple Audimute solution.


Cringe with us as we walk you through our easy fixes to these problems:


1. "Christmas Vacation"

Many consider the Griswold family to be the worst neighbors in television history. Despite our love for their quirkiness, we agree. Sorry, Griswolds, but displaying thousands of high-powered Christmas lights and chain-sawing your neighbor’s trees in the middle of the night doesn’t make for a pleasant living environment. This infamous behavior leads the holiday-obsessed family to acquire some enemies in close proximity. Had the neighbors implemented sound-blocking Peacemaker, the unwanted sounds of the Griswold’s bizarre lifestyle would remain where they belong: out of hearing reach. With Peacemaker obstructing the noises of the Griswold’s obnoxious tendencies, a hostile neighbor relationship could have been avoided. And maybe even a squirrel attack.






2. "Dumb and Dumber"

The “most annoying sound in the world” broadcast by Lloyd is still ringing in our ears. The echo of his screech bounced around their van with enough reverberation to make us all want to plug our ears. Had their furry vehicle been lined with our acoustic art panels, the sound of Lloyd screaming would have been tolerable. Acoustic panels eliminate high-frequency sound, preventing reflection and decreasing reverberation, regardless of how annoying that sound may be.






3. "School of Rock"

Jack Black’s character, the washed-up musician and phony substitute teacher Dewey Finn, selfishly recruits students as members of his band. To do so, he claimed band rehearsal was a school project that they were getting an illegitimate head-start on, hence the extreme covertness of the operation. The class has a few close encounters with the principal, Ms. Mullins, revealing the need for a soundproofing solution like Isolé. With Isolé hanging on the door and walls of the make-shift rehearsal space, the “School of Rock” could practice in peace without being overheard in the hallways of the school.






4. "Seinfeld"

Elaine could have spared Kramer the pain of being electrocuted with the simple implementation of Peacemaker. What is the correlation between soundproofing and Kramer’s conductivity, you ask? Elaine’s inability to sleep due to her vacationing neighbor’s noisy alarm clock motivated her to enlist Kramer to blow her neighbor’s circuit. With Kramer’s limited knowledge of electricity, he mindlessly sticks a paper clip into an outlet. If Elaine had Peacemaker lining the walls of her apartment, or even a few soundproof panels, she could have saved Kramer from being the collateral damage of her sensitive ears.




Take it from us, when it comes to comfort, sound plays a large role. Spare yourself the cringing and explore our acoustic art panels and other soundproofing solutions.

Audimute's 100 Seconds to Shine

Audimute Employees



Recently Audimute was invited to submit a video for The Better Business Bureau's ‘90 Seconds to Shine’ social media video campaign. We were very excited to have the opportunity to share a snapshot of Audimute's company culture with the world. We had a great time putting the video together and feel that it’s a great representation of the atmosphere at Audimute. While putting the video together we learned a lot about each others personalities and what it takes to make Audimute’s personality Shine.  Our culture is one of exploration, excitement and hard work.  We have a great group of employees that strive to make Audimute a great place to work which creates great products and a great experience for our customers. Our goal for the video was to show the efficiency of our product while showing off the great people who make it all possible.


Please take a look at our submission and vote for us as your favorite 90 seconds to shine video.



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