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Custom Acoustic Products

Custom Fabric & Image Acoustic Panels

Custom Fabric & Image Acoustic Panels

If our standard fabrics and panel sizes are not the best fit for your needs, we can use other fabrics and create custom sizes and shapes.

Custom AcoustiColor Panels

Custom AcoustiColor® Panels

Personalize your AcoustiColor solution with custom paint colors, sizes, and shapes.

Custom AcoustiFelt

Custom AcoustiFelt™

We can create custom AcoustiFelt sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

Custom Size isolé Sound Absorption

Custom Size isolé®

isolé is perfect for your sound absorption and sound isolation needs. Custom sizes are possible.

Acoustic Designer Signs

Audimute Acoustic Designer Signs

Create custom branding and logos designed to your size, shape, colors, and font specifications. Use your logo or craft a new one with AcoustiColor shapes and letters.

Acoustic Custom Word Wall Letter

AcoustiColor® Letters

Add a special touch to any room and make your walls come alive with fully customizable word wall art.

Custom AcoustiWood

Custom AcoustiWood®

Customize AcoustiWood for the perfect sound solution to blend in or stand out in your space. Custom sizes, shapes, and styles are options.

Custom AcoustiWood

Custom AcoustiStone®

Custom AcoustiStone styles, sizes, shapes, and thicknesses are all possibilities.

More Info

  • Custom Images

    Personalize your acoustic panels with your own digital artwork, photographic images, or logos printed in high resolution on a special acoustically transparent covering. Learn how Audimute transfers a stock image or a personal photo to an acoustic panel. Check our Art Requirements to determine if your personal image is suitable for panel production and then place your Custom Image Acoustic Panel order.

  • Custom Sizes

    Standardized sizes not cutting it for you? No problem! We can make panels or tiles to fit any size you need. Sizes can be as small as 6 by 6 inches or as large as 4 by 8 feet and anywhere in-between by half-inch increments.

  • Custom Shapes

    We can create almost any shape acoustical panel, including rounded and irregular shaped edges and multi-depth or dimensional panels. Need something specific? Talk to one of our incredibly helpful acoustic specialists today! They'll make sure you get exactly what you're looking for.

  • Custom Fabrics

    1000s of acoustical fabrics from Guilford of Maine, customer supplied fabrics, screens, acoustical coatings, and more.

  • Custom Framing

    Exposed frames, powder-coated frames, custom wood frames, and a variety of other framing options using the most affordable to the most exotic materials. Learn more.

  • Custom Solutions

    Need something that's totally different than what anyone else is doing? We have trained designers on staff who can turn your vision into a reality! Audimute custom designs can make acoustics of any shape, any size, any color or anything else you need while doing it better and faster than anyone else. Custom built out framed wall panels, custom ceiling clouds, custom baffles, custom lit panels, custom multi-dimensional panels, custom acoustical signage, and more! Talk to one of our incredibly helpful Acoustic Specialists today and we'll get your custom solution going. For inspiration, check out our Image Gallery to see some of the custom acoustic treatment solutions we have designed.

What custom services do we offer?

  • Acoustic design and consultation
  • Graphic design, renderings, conception and presentations
  • Custom product design
  • Room modeling

How to Get Started