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isolé® Custom Size

If stock isolé doesn’t fit your acoustic needs, Custom Size isolé may be the solution. We want your sound solution to be the perfect fit, so we offer a wide variety of custom sizes.

Custom isolé

isolé is the perfect solution for your sound absorption and sound isolation needs. isolé is hung using three affixed grommets and Audimute’s Quick Hanging Knob and Wall Screws, making it the most cost-efficient and effective dual purpose acoustic solution on the market.

isolé consists of high-performance eco-C-tex® which improves the quality of sound in your space and contains a dense layer of 20 STC 1/16" Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), which is used to block sound from passing through the isolé.

The blend of both barrier and absorption materials in isolé ensures an acoustic solution to a variety of sound issues. This effective product is perfect for studios, hotels, apartments, homes, offices, and more.

Note: Max Dimensions: 46.5" x 144"

Lead Time: Four weeks

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