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Decorative Art Frames

Add another visual dimension to your acoustic panel or the artwork of your choice with Audimute Decorative Art Frames. Not only are these frames works of art themselves, but they also provide eloquent enhancement for the panel or art of your choice.

Audimute’s Acoustic Panel frames offer the perfect color and style to accent your panel or art piece. In fact, these decorative acoustic art frames make a statement simply standing alone! Each frame is artfully engineered in America with sturdy wood and consistent finishes. Their concise construction allows for a visually-pleasing experience extending your art into the frame.

Audimute Acoustic Panels easily fit inside the decorative frame and rest snugly without damage. To install, simply lay the frame down with the back facing you and lift up the security tabs around the frame border. Acoustic panel frames have no backing insert or glass cover to remove. Insert your acoustic panel or artwork into the open frame backing with the back of your panel facing you. Close the security tabs in place strong against your panel backing. Then hang your framed panel up and enjoy! Acoustic panel frames are equipped with a small lip on the front to keep your art work safely in place.

Framed acoustic wall panels are the perfect finishing touch to every residential and commercial décor. Not only are they stylish and classic, but Acoustic Panel frames also leave the front face of your Acoustic Panels open to absorb echo, reverberation, and noise for a calmer sound experience. All you’ll hear is how beautiful your space looks!

Audimute supplies the art frames predominantly in black and white to best coordinate with our vast collection of colorful and dynamic panels. If you have questions regarding additional colors and styles, call an Audimute specialist who can help with your specific needs.

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