Acoustic Image Panel Art Requirements

You must have legal rights for use on any images submitted for reproduction. Please provide your files in .pdf, .tiff, .eps or .psd format. The quality of the print will depend on the quality of the image supplied. Please provide images to scale.

Please note: By default, we mirror borders with image off the face of your panel unless our trained designers see that your image require a different approach. If you would prefer to have your borders set up differently or if you have special instructions in regards to how you would like your image to be set up, please contact us before placing your order.

How large can I print my Images?

Your Panel size could be limited by the quality of the image you’re putting on it. To find out how large your image can become enter its technical information into the calculator below. Don’t know where that information is? Check out the slides to the right!

Image Panel Calculator

   Your Image Pixel Size:
     x    Resolution:

Our Recommended Size for Your Image: x

Best Quality Possible for Your Image:

Max Size Possible for Your Image: x

NOTE: These calculations are not a guarantee of quality.

The only way to truly know how large you can print your image is to send us your artwork and have us personally examine it. These calculations are our best estimates that we can provide based off of our experiences working with digital artwork, but there are many nuances with digital photography that can throw these estimates off.

Quality Panels Start With Image Quality!

  • Typically, image file sizes that are under 1mb don’t print well.
  • Images should be oriented and proportional to your panel size.
  • For best logo reproduction, please provide vector files (eps or .ai).

How To Set Up Your Own Image Panel!

Change Your Image Into A Vector!

Image enlargement services

Reproduction Suitability:

Not all images are appropriate for large format digital printing. Please consider the following when choosing photographs: Photographs should be sized proportionately to the finished dimensions of the panel. If your dimensions are wider than they are tall, then your photograph should have the same proportions. Images should be cropped if needed. Digital cameras 8 MG or lower do not provide enough resolution for a large scale quality print. Photographs should be in focus. Our graphics department will review all artwork submitted for reproduction to determine if it is appropriate in quality, clarity and size for the project.