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A Better Choice than Foam for Sound Absorption

Why Choose eco-C-tex® Over Studio Foam for Sound Absorption?

Traditionally, improving sound in a studio - or any room where quality sound is important - meant installing acoustical foam products. With innovative eco-friendly materials such as our eco-C-tex, using studio foam for sound absorption is no longer necessary or even recommended. Audimute's suite of sound management solutions are easy, green, and affordable.

Audimute is recognized in the acoustics industry as a leader in “green” acoustics. Made from a blend of cotton and cellulose, eco-C-tex is the GREENEST acoustical absorption material on the market and offers a more eco-friendly option than traditional foam panels or fiberglass panels without sacrificing performance. By converting recycled paper into cellulose fibers, the main component in eco-C-tex, paper is kept out of landfills where it has the potential to pollute the environment. In addition, the eco-C-tex manufacturing process is eco-friendly, using only 1/10 of the energy required to produce fiberglass and 1/40 of the energy used to create foam.

In addition to being eco-friendly, Audimute's sound solutions are very effective at absorbing or blocking sound. Our sound absorption solutions for walls and for ceilings are ideal options for improving sound quality in a room with style. For soundproofing or isolating sound, check out our sound barriers. All of the acoustic products we offer are effective, eco-friendly, easy to install, durable, made in the USA, and safe for your health.

Audimute Natural Acoustical Products

Audimute’s environmentally engineered and health safe acoustic solutions overall perform and look better than foam acoustic products.

  • Performance: Audimute’s sound absorption solutions are exceptionally well suited for absorbing mid- and high frequencies (check out our Cut Sheets)
  • Installation: Hang tabs or a mounting adhesive is recommended for products like our Fabric Acoustic Panels. A mounting adhesive or brad nailer is recommended for products like AcoustiColor® Panels and AcoustiWood Acoustic Wood Alternatives. See the Specs & Installation section on product pages for more information or check out our Installation Instructions.
  • Durability: Audimute’s panels are made from stable natural and recycled materials and will not deteriorate. Foam for sound absorption, however, often ages poorly and the outer surface of the panels will harden, crack, and turn to dust. Colored foam products will discolor quickly as they are exposed to oxygen and ultraviolet rays.
  • Aesthetics: For rooms where design needs to be integrated with an acoustic treatment, Audimute's products are the clear solution. Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, including custom options and image panels, we offer effective sound solutions that are design driven, where standard foam acoustic products—even colored—just looks like foam.
  • Environmental Benefits: All of Audimute’s acoustical products are made from natural and recycled materials, designed with environmental consciousness as well as performance in mind. Choosing our products over alternative products like studio foam and even other acoustical panels and sound absorption sheets benefits your space and the environment.

Incorporating natural and recycled materials into almost every component of its products, Audimute hopes to solidify its position as the leader in environmentally conscious innovation. "Our commitment to environmental responsibility will continue to be strengthened as we find new avenues to promote green acoustic solutions for our clients," - Audimute founder Mitch Zlotnik.