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What is Peacemaker?

What is Peacemaker?

For a long time, Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) was the main product available for sound isolation. Although it was effective, it was expensive, difficult to install, and not environmentally friendly. Audimute saw an opportunity to create a more affordable isolation product using recycled materials that would serve as an MLV alternative, better suiting the needs of end users.

What our Audimute team created is Peacemaker®, a sound barrier and isolation product with an effective STC rating. Peacemaker acoustic insulation material is a soundproofing barrier made from recycled rubber, making use of tires that otherwise would have gone to waste in a landfill. Peacemaker provides an affordable solution to blocking the transmission of sound between walls, floors, and ceilings.

Peacemaker acoustical barrier is available in two thicknesses. These product variations allow us to offer our customers an affordable and versatile product that is both healthy for the environment and you.

  1. Peacemaker Soundproofing Underlayment - the thickest of the two is ideal for floors and recommended more for impact and vibration control.
  2. Peacemaker Sound Barrier - the thinner, high-density version of the product blocks mid- to high-range frequencies, and is perfect for wall and ceiling applications.

Floors and ceiling Peacemaker

Audimute's Peacemaker products are all made of recycled rubber. This means Peacemaker is water-resistant. Getting wet or damp will not damage the structure of the material or soundproofing performance. However, Peacemaker is not a waterproof soundproofing material.

Why Choose Peacemaker?

• Eco-Friendly - made from recycled material

• Affordable

• Effective - very high STC ratings compared to other soundproofing barrier products

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

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*Peacemaker is made to use as an interior layer in walls that need a bump of soundproofing performance. We do not recommend it as an exterior wall layer (for example, installed directly beneath siding).

*Peacemaker is not intended to be used as a waterproof finished surface (for example, on a roof). Peacemaker is first and foremost a wall soundproofing material. Peacemaker is not a suitable substitute for roofing rubber!

*Peacemaker is meant to be used as an exposed surface outdoors, or anywhere they will be exposed to the elements.