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Large Custom Photo Canvas Prints

Audimute now has the ability to scale your photos to any size with the same high quality results as custom photo canvas prints. With our image to vector service, your image can expand to larger sizes without the fear of pixelation.

Unlike JPEGs made up of a grid of pixels, vector graphics are comprised of paths, curves, and angles with defined start and end points. Because they are not made from dots, vector graphics can be scaled to larger sizes without become grainy. Our image to vector transformation service will blend out some of the images finer details and create an overall painterly feel when viewed up close – meaning instead of dots, the lines on your image appear like brush strokes. Vector images are ideal for creating large scale wall décor. Please note that not all images are suited for this service, particularly images where fine details are critical to the finished product.

Audimute aims for the highest quality in both craftsmanship and acoustics, and our custom image to vector canvas art graphics are no exception. Our hand-made, eco-friendly custom image acoustic panels are the perfect material for vector graphic prints, combining the look of custom photo canvas prints with Audimute sound absorbing properties for cleaner room acoustics in any space.

Image to Vector Canvas Art

Audimute vector graphics are printed directly onto our acoustic fabric to create your own Custom Image Acoustic Panel and wrapped around our signature eco-C-tex® blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers for sound absorption. Split panel designs make it easy to introduce full scale sound installations into any space disguised as beautiful wall art. To learn more about our image to vector service, call an Audimute Acoustic Specialist today at 1.866.505.MUTE.

Please Note:

Our Image-to-vector services are intended to make a large image larger. These services are not intended as method of small image enlargement. Image-to-vector does not sharpen the image’s quality higher than its original state; it simply prevents an image from pixelating at larger sizes.

What do I need to get the most out of my image-to-vector services?

  • A good quality photo (high resolution and pixel count)
  • An order size larger than a 4'x4' panel (or multiple panels)
  • A large open wall space for installation of panel(s)
  • If you would like to find out more about our image-to-vector services, please call an Audimute Acoustic Specialist today at 1.866.505.MUTE.