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Update the look and sound of any space with Audimute Acoustic Shapes Modular Acoustic Tiles.  Available in hexagon acoustic tiles and a variety of other 3d acoustic tiles shapes. Audimute Acoustic Shapes easily disguise your sound treatment as designer wall art with a fun flare. Customize your tiles with different colors, sizes, and even densities for a dimensional design that is not only eye-catching but also increases sound diffusion for added acoustic benefits!

Audimute Acoustic Shapes are perfect for residential and commercial spaces. Use kid’s shapes in the classroom or nursery for a pop of color and creativity, while panels and geometric tileable shapes are ideal for building up large scale patterns in the office or gathering space at home. AcoustiColor™ Designer Shapes are made with our eco-C-tex® absorption material.


Audimute Acoustic Shapes Modular Acoustic Tiles Feature:

  • Stylish Designs- Add an artistic touch to any space in hundreds of custom color options
  • Green Materials- Made with our eco-C-tex® absorption core, a blend of cotton and cellulose free of fiberglass  
  • Effective Sound Absorption- NRC rated .95
  • Fire Rating for Commercial Spaces– ASTM E84 Class A
  • Handcrafted Quality-  Crafted by hand in the USA

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