Why Buy A Noise Absorbing Panels Sample Pack?

About Audimute's Acoustic Panel Sample Program

We created our Standard Fabric and Image Panel Sample Packs so that our customers could see, touch, and even hang a sample acoustic panel with minimal commitment.  We want you to “Try Before You Buy!”

Image Panel Sample Pack

Try Noise Absorbing Acoustic Panels the low-risk way

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In each pack, we include:

  1. A fully finished and fully functional noise absorbing acoustic panel

  2. A pamphlet loaded with crucial information

  3. The hanging mechanism (panel clip and screws)

  4. Standard and designer fabric samples

*Plus, you get a rebate covering the cost of the sample pack when you decide to order with us.

The greenest Acoustic Panel on the Market. Why?

Panel Anatomy

  1. Fabric Covering: made of post- and pre-consumer recycled polyester

  2. Frame: fully recyclable lightweight steel

  3. Absorption Material: eco-C-tex, our own innovation. A green alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation, requiring 1/10th the energy to manufacture, and 1/40th the energy used in manufacturing acoustic foam

Performance: The Proof

  1. NRC Rating of 1.0, perfectly absorptive
  2. Most applications require only 15-25% wall coverage

Customization: The options are endless