Peacemaker® Isolation Pad

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Peacemaker® Isolation Pad

Why Choose Audimute’s Peacemaker® Isolation Pad

Peacemaker® Isolation Pad is a small yet dense sound isolation material designed to float devices that cause vibration such as speakers, mics, and sub-woofers. This portable solution is made from recycled materials and is safe for use in commercial or residential spaces.

Use Peacemaker® Isolation Pad in the studio to support microphone stands and speakers, or in the home under television and gaming systems.

Because of its density, Peacemaker® Isolation Pad will withstand a wide range of weights from speakers and bass amps, to air compressors and entertainment centers, while still being light enough for stress-free portability for use in other spaces.

Peacemaker® Isolation Pad can even be used as a divider to protect machines and equipment from moisture and dampness issues on concrete floors in basements and garages. Now your appliances are not only stable and secure, they are safe and dry.

For more information or for personalized advice for your sound issue, call an Audimute Acoustic Specialist today at (866) 505-MUTE.

Use Peacemaker® Isolation Pad With:

  • Bass Amp Stand and Guitar Amplifiers
  • Subwoofers
  • Speakers
  • Stage Monitors
  • Microphone Stands
  • Home and Office Appliances

Peacemaker® Isolation Pad Advantages:

  • Isolates vibration from a surface
  • Reduces the shaking and resonating
  • Makes sound tighter and more focused
  • Earth-Friendly - made with recycled materials
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Peacemaker® Isolation Pad Specs and Features:

  • Size: 2' X 2' X 2.5" thick, 0.61 m. x 0.61 m. x 5.1 cm. thick
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Sturdy and durable