Ceiling Clouds, Baffles, & Tiles

The ideal solution for most designer and practical acoustic applications. Audimute offers a variety of ceiling clouds, baffles, and acoustic tiles. Browse our selection of products and find the right acoustic treatment for your space.

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Ceiling Acoustic Clouds

For fuller coverage 

Suspended horizontally from the ceiling, clouds absorb sound waves heading to and from the hard surface above.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling Acoustic Baffles

For larger treatments

Suspended vertically from the ceiling, baffles are great for spaces with limited wall space. Choose from a variety of fabric wraps or AcoustiColor™ coatings.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Acoustic Tiles

For spot treatments

Designed to neutralize unwanted sound, acoustical ceiling tiles effectively manage hot spots where sound reverberation is concentrated.

Custom Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Custom Ceiling Solutions

Clouds and Baffles

Personalize your acoustic baffles and clouds with custom images, fabrics, colors, and sizes.

Related Products / Accessories

Find related products and accessories for your ceiling clouds and baffles, including alternative installation hardware and sample packs.

Acoustic Mounting Hardware

Mounting Hardware

Designed for Audimute products

Quickly install acoustic wall panels with panel clips, security clips, or corner mounts specifically crafted for our panels.

Acoustic Sample Pack Program

Sample Packs + Rebates

Try before you buy!

See our sample packs and learn about available rebates.

Alternative Products

Looking for alternative acoustic ceiling and wall solutions? Audimute offers a variety of eco-friendly soundproofing options. Alternative products, such as acoustic tiles and panels, can also be used in conjunction with Audimute ceiling clouds and acoustic baffles for increased acoustic help.

Acoustic Tiles

Acoustic Tiles

Adhesive sound treatments

Your choice of precision cut straight or beveled edge acoustic tiles designed to match up with a near seamless result for any scale wall design.

Acoustic Products

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Panels, Tiles, Baffles, Clouds, Sheets, etc.

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