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Specifically designed to form a tight, strong bond to your wall or ceiling. Adhesives are a simple and safe solution for installing our AcoustiColor® Tiles.Try our adhesive Peacemaker® Tape to seal the seams of your Peacemaker® application.

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Mounting Hardware

Properly secure your acoustic products with Audimute's mounting hardware. Choose from a variety of options from permanent to adjustable solutions.

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Shop related products for mounting hardware and adhesive, including AcoustiColor® Tiles and sample packs.

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AcoustiColor® Tiles

Audimute's AcoustiColor® Tiles combine form and function to your soundproofing solution. Choose from hundreds of colors and a variety of designs to match your space!

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Sample Packs

Try soundproofing products before you buy.

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Shop all of Audimute's eco-friendly soundproofing options. Need help with your acoustic project? Give one of our Acoustic Specialists a call at (866) 505-MUTE.

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