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Keep Your Head in the Clouds – Acoustic Ceiling Panel Installation

It’s true – Our Acoustic Specialists will be the first to tell you that the best place to start an acoustic treatment is open wall space. However, this isn’t always a possibility. In spaces where there isn’t enough treatable wall space, or when a raised ceiling is the clear noisy culprit, an acoustic ceiling panel installation is the perfect solution.

From a sound standpoint, ceilings are simply large, uninterrupted, hard spaces. The acoustic differences come from design variations, such as vaulted versus flat ceilings. While aesthetically appealing, high vaulted ceilings tend to force sound towards the middle of the room, where as sound hitting a flat ceiling bounces straight back at the same speed. This is a low vault ceiling designed side to side across seating as opposed to front to back is most common in gathering spaces such as worship centers; This design causes sounds from the front of the room to travel up the ceiling, reach the peak, and head towards back seating.

Acoustic ceiling panel products like those installed on walls can be hung from ceilings to block sound from storing up in ceiling pockets causing echo and reverberation. These acoustic ceiling solutions are broken up into two categories: baffles and clouds. The sound ceiling solutions are available in a wide variety of colors including neutral white and black acoustic ceiling tiles as well as bright colors. Both style panels are made from our signature eco-C-tex® material blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers that is acoustically coated by hand in your custom color choice. Each product is NRC rated to absorb mid to high range frequencies, echo, and reverberation, and Class A fire rated for commercial applications.

While the design of these acoustic ceiling panel products is identical, they have different installation methods useful for different room shapes. Acoustic Clouds are suspended parallel to the by four pre-affixed eye hooks to cover the most space with one tile, perfect for squared off rooms. Acoustic Baffles are suspended perpendicular to the floor by two pre-affixed eye hooks, ideal for long rectangular shaped rooms.

Audimute Acoustic Ceiling Panel Product Features:

  • High quality, USA hand crafted construction
  • Class A commercial fire ratings
  • Pre-installed eye-hooks for quick installation
  • Environmentally friendly materials

Your instinct may be to save wall space by immediately adding soundproofing acoustic panels to a ceiling, but it’s important to know that noise isn’t heard until the sound travels back down, so treating hard surfaces closer to ear range offers a greater initial benefit. It’s when wall treatments don’t satisfy your acoustic needs you should turn to acoustic ceiling panel product styles and installation methods. Our Acoustic Specialists are here to answer your questions and provide personalized advice on your space, give us a call at 1.866.505.MUTE or fill out our free room analysis form and hear from us within one business day!