Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Tiles

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Tiles

Adding an Edge to Acoustics

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Love what you hear with Audimute, love what you see with Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Tiles.

Audimute straight and beveled edge acoustic wall tiles treat your space with elegance. Combining effectiveness with style, Audimute tiles absorb echoes and reverberation while enhancing the overall decor of homes, apartments, studios, offices, and more.

The modern straight edge and classic beveled edge frameless acoustic wall tiles are precision cut and wrapped tightly in your choice of standard or designer fabrics. The result: nearly seamless frameless fabric wrapped acoustic wall tiles that can stand alone or butt up next to each other.

Audimute panels feature eco-C-tex, the greenest sound absorption material in today's marketplace made from a combination of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers from post-consumer recycled newspapers. When properly applied, Audimute acoustical panels will reduce reflected sound and dampen echo by as much as 100%!

Improve the acoustics in your space with our classic frameless soundproofing fabric panels.

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Wall Tiles Are:

Stylish - A modern complement to any space, straight edge and beveled edge frameless acoustic panels are available in your choice of 15 standard colors, or hundreds of custom colors.

Green – Recycled materials make them the greenest alternative to traditional fiberglass and foam. The eco-C-tex manufacturing process uses 1/10 of the energy than fiberglass insulation and 1/40 of the energy than foam insulation, while producing no scrap during product production.

Effective - Highly effective NRC of 1.00. Audimute Panels outperform the competition. Compare Us!

Safe - Audimute Acoustic Panels do not require a warning label like competitors whose fiberglass products must be labeled as common skin, eyes, throat, and lung irritants.

Handcrafted - High quality design and workmanship assembled by hand in the USA.


Make a sound decision - choose Audimute Acoustical Sound Tiles as your sound solution!

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  1. Audimute’s Fabric Wrapped Frameless Acoustic Panels Photo
    Standard Fabric Acoustic Tiles
    Price Range $45 - $102
  2. Frameless Designer Sound Absorbing Panels from  Audimute Acoustic Panels
    Designer Fabric Acoustic Tiles
    Price Range $50 - $97
  3. Beveled Edge Decorative Acoustic Panels Picture
    Beveled Edge Standard Fabric Acoustic Tiles
    Price Range $55 - $112
  4. Sound Reduction Acoustic Panels Picture
    Beveled Edge Designer Fabric Acoustic Tiles
    Price Range $60 - $117