Acoustical Ceiling Solutions

Acoustical Ceiling Solutions

Suspended Acoustical Solutions for Ceiling Applications

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Acoustic Ceilings Solution | Acoustic Ceiling Panel

With Audimute’s selection of clouds and baffles, acoustic ceilings are now easier than ever. If you’re ready to bring your sound treatment to the next level, give Audimute’s acoustic ceiling panel styles a try!

Audimute offers a variety of products for acoustic ceilings and treatments to meet the needs and design of every space, commercial or residential. These styles are broken down into two categories: clouds and baffles. Acoustic clouds are hung horizontally from four eye-hooks. Because it hangs horizontally from the ceiling, a single cloud is able to cover a fairly large surface area – perfect for creating acoustic ceilings in large, square spaces such as conference rooms or lobbies. Baffles are more like an acoustic ceiling panel, hanging vertically from two eye hooks. Because they hang vertically, multiple baffles easily fit in a row down long halls and rectangular spaces, such as auditoriums and cafeterias.

Both our cloud and baffle ceiling panels are available in standard and custom sizes, colors, fabrics, and images for a unique design that fits your current décor or style. Choose a color cloud that blends in to your ceiling shades, or a row of baffle images that tell a story. However, you decide to design your treatments, Audimute guarantees impressive sound results from all of our acoustic ceilings!

Audimute Panels for Acoustic Ceilings:

Environmentally Friendly- Our ceiling sound solutions are made from our trademarked eco-C-tex™ product that is primarily composed of a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose. Our acoustic ceiling products are the GREENEST alternative to fiber glass on the market.

Safe- Our acoustic soundproofing ceiling panels are made from an all-natural alternative to traditional fiber glass insulation. Fiber glass can cause skin, eye, lung and throat irritation all of which can be avoided by selecting our acoustical ceiling products.

Simple Installation- Every product designed for acoustic ceilings has pre-installed hardware, making ceiling suspension fast and easy!

Effective- NRC ratings from .95 to 1.0

If you are interested in reducing the troublesome echo and reverberation in your space, choose Audimute’s acoustical ceiling products. These suspended acoustic solutions are perfect for applications with limited wall space. Just like our Acoustic Panels, Audimute acoustical ceiling products are great at absorbing unwanted noise in a variety of spaces, including restaurants, gymnasiums, offices and many more! Our acoustical ceiling solutions are made from high quality, environmentally friendly materials that are all hand crafted in the USA. 

Improve your space’s acoustic environment with Audimute Acoustic Ceilings and Treatments Today!

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  1. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles  12 Pack
    Acoustic Ceiling Tiles 12 Pack
    Price Range $420 - $600
  2. Acousticolor Wave Clouds Office
    AcoustiColor® Acoustic Ceiling Clouds 2-Pack
    Price Range $350 - $435
  3. Audimute Acoustic Ceiling Baffles For Swimming Pool Soundproofing
    AcoustiColor® Acoustic Ceiling Baffles - 50 Pack
    Price Range $2,000 - $3,150
  4. Audimute Acoustic Ceiling Baffles For School Cafeteria Soundproofing
    AcoustiColor® Acoustic Ceiling Baffles - 12 Pack
    Price Range $516 - $780
  5. Audimute Acoustic Ceiling Baffles For Bowling Alley Soundproofing
    AcoustiColor® Acoustic Ceiling Baffles - 6 Pack
    Price Range $270 - $402
  6. Standard Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Standard Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Price Range $127 - $349
  7. Designer Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Designer Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Price Range $137 - $359
  8. Custom Image Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Custom Image Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Price Range $308 - $689