Acoustical Ceiling Clouds

Acoustical Clouds

Innovative Acoustic Ceiling Treatment that Maximizes Sound Absorption

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Innovative Acoustical Clouds

Audimute’s Acoustical Clouds are the right solution for any space experiencing unwanted or troublesome noise. These 4’x4’ and 2'x4' acoustical clouds come in a variety of fabric coverings and can be custom made to fit any design. Give us a call, 866-505-MUTE, we can take any vision you may have and make it into a reality!

Audimute’s acoustic clouds have four eye hooks attached to the metal track along the back of the panel making ceiling suspension simple! These acoustical clouds hang parallel to the ground allowing them to absorb sound waves as they travel towards the ceiling and as they bounce back. Our ceiling clouds are perfect for restaurants, offices, gymnasiums and many more!

Audimute’s Acoustical Clouds Offer:

  • Perfect acoustic sound absorption- NRC rating of 1.0
  • High End Materials- Durable fabric coverings, light weight frames, all hand crafted in the USA
  • Fire Safe materials- class A fire rated (ASTM E-84)
  • GREENEST Material on the Market- Our acoustic clouds are crafted from a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose most of which comes from post-consumer newspapers. 

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  1. Standard Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Standard Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Price Range $127 - $349
  2. Designer Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Designer Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Price Range $137 - $359
  3. Custom Image Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Custom Image Acoustic Ceiling Clouds
    Price Range $308 - $689
  4. Acousticolor Wave Clouds Office
    AcoustiColor® Acoustic Ceiling Clouds 2-Pack
    Price Range $350 - $435