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Affordable and Customizable Acoustic Ceiling Treatment 

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Custom and Affordable Noise Baffles

Audimute’s Noise Baffles are an affordable solution for absorbing unwanted noise and troublesome echo. Our hanging sound baffles can be custom coated in an acoustical coating color matched to any Sherwin Williams’ paint color. Our acoustic baffles can also be wrapped in a variety of stylish fabric coverings. The fabric is affixed to the front, bottom and back of each baffle and the remaining edges are hardened with black, acoustic paint. Both the coated and fabric wrapped baffles have two pre-installed eye hooks that attach to a hanging wire and then into any ceiling.

Audimute’s acoustic baffles are made from our trademarked eco-C-tex® product and are the GREENEST alternative to traditional foam baffles. These Noise Baffles work great in gymnasiums, school cafeterias, restaurants and any other application where wall space may be limited.

Audimute’s Noise Baffles Offer:

  • High Sound Absorbing Materials-NRC rating of .95 
  • Eco-Friendly Material- eco-C-tex is composed of recycled cotton and cellulose all which originated from post-consumer newspaper
  • Hand Crafted Materials- High quality materials made in the USA
  • Simple Installation- Pre-installed eye hooks that attach into the ceiling


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  1. Audimute Acoustic Ceiling Baffles For Bowling Alley Soundproofing
    AcoustiColor® Sound Baffles - 6 Pack
    Price Range $228 - $342
  2. Audimute Acoustic Ceiling Baffles For School Cafeteria Soundproofing
    AcoustiColor® Sound Baffles - 12 Pack
    Price Range $432 - $660
  3. Audimute Acoustic Ceiling Baffles For Swimming Pool Soundproofing
    AcoustiColor® Sound Baffles - 50 Pack
    Price Range $1700 - $2650