Corner Bass Trap Mount

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Our corner mount system lets you hang panels fast in corners. No special tools required.
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Corner Bass Trap Mount

A simple corner bass trap (4" panel) mount and acoustic panel mounting system - No special tools or skills needed!

We've developed a simple, inexpensive solution for mounting any corner bass trap (4" thick panel) or acoustic panel. Acoustic panels and, more often, bass traps (4" thick panels) are mounted in room corners for a sleek look and extra sound absorption with Audimute's corner mount. Our corner bass trap and panel mount consists of a lightweight but very strong bar with pre-drilled holes. A panel clip is mounted to the center of the bar. To install, you simply mount the bar to the corner wall surfaces (see our panel installation instructions) using 2 screws (included). Once the corner mount is attached to the wall, the back of the panel frame slips directly over the clip and 'locks' the panel in place.

Re-hanging or taking down panels from a corner mount is as easy as lifting the panel and pulling it away! Audimute's corner mount is an effective solution when you want to hang panels in a corner with minimal damage to the wall. Installation is quick and simple.

The use of Audimute Panel Clips/Corner Mount system cuts panel installation time and cost by as much as 50%. A corner mount bar is approximately 1 inch thick and 24 inches wide with mitered ends (to line up correctly with the surface of the two walls as they near the corner). It weighs approximately 1/3 lbs. The panel clip centered on the mounting bar is approximately 2" wide, 1 3/8" tall, with a 3/8" lift-off. We recommend using ONE corner mount for most standard sized vertical panel installations. The corner bass trap and panel mount is designed to hide behind any 2 foot panel side. Custom corner mounts are available for panels in other sizes. Please call for information.

Each corner bass trap and panel mount includes:

  • 1 mounting bar (approximately 24" in length) with affixed panel clip centered on the bar
  • 2 screws (specially designed to hold the corner mount in place without the use of anchors.
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For more information on panel installation, read our panel installation instructions.