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Paslode® Brad Nailer

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Paslode® 18 Ga. Cordless Li-ion Brad Nailer

This brad nailer is an ideal tool for quickly installing AcoustiWood® Acoustic Wood Alternative Planks, AcoustColor® Acoustic Panels, AcoustStone® Acoustic Stone Alternative Tiles, and AcoustiFelt™ Fabric Acoustic Tiles, Planks, and Shapes. Using this brad nailer along with Audimute's Brad Nailer Compatible Foot will make installation a breeze and not damage the acoustic products being installed. The compatible foot will work for approximately 250 shots.


  • (2,000) 2" 18 Ga Nails
  • 4 Compatible feet
  • 2-Pack of Paslode Trim Fuel
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Rugged case with convenient storage compartments for fuel and fasteners
  • No Mar Tip
  • Clear Safety glasses
  • Easy-to follow manual
  • Quick reference set-up and cleaning guides


  • Lightest Cordless Brad Nailer, 4.6 lbs, which means less fatigue and better control when working overhead and in tight spaces
  • 7.4V Li-ion battery lessens your downtime with 12,000 nails per charge
  • The battery standby position secures the battery in an “off” position to conserve the battery power
  • An easy to adjust tool free depth of drive
  • The reversible belt hook easily adjusts and keeps both hands free with the tool always at your side
  • No hoses, no compressors to set up or tear down
  • Always use 18 Ga Paslode Brad Nails

For more information visit the product page on Paslode's website.


  • Model: IM200Li
  • Part #: 918000
  • Weight: 4.6lbs.
  • Nail Capacity: 100 (2 Strips)
  • Nail Range: 5/8" - 2"
  • Magazine Angle: Straight Collation
  • Nail Type: 18 Ga Chisel Point - Smooth, Galvanized
  • Fuel Type: Short Yellow Fuel


  • Do not attempt to use the brad nailer until you have read and understood all safety precautions and manual instructions. The manual can be found on Paslode's Product Page.
  • Paslode Fuel is date stamped. Be aware of this when purchasing fuel and buy the freshest fuel.
  • If you have stored your nailer and fuel in a cold environment (trunk of car overnight, etc.), account for time for nailer and fuel to adjust to room temperature before use. The fuel depletes more quickly when cold and may cause firing issues.
  • Make sure to remove the fuel from the nailer and twist off the no mar tip as well, if the nailer will not be used for more than a day. It does seem to save fuel.
  • Recommended only for AcoustiWood Acoustic Wood Alternative Planks and AcoustiColor® Acoustic Panels.
  • Ensure clean hands when handling panels, especially lighter colors.
  • Always store panels flat vs leaning against another surface and/or storing/resting anything on top of the panels directly. This maintains an optimal finished surface and avoids any bowing issues.

Installation Tips:

  • Brad nailing method is intended for vertical surfaces only.
  • Get a feel for how hard to you will need to push to press back the safety and enable firing of the nailer. As the brad nailer represents a very quick way of fastening Audimute panels, maintain a work pace that enables good fastening quality and minimal impact on the finished surface.
  • The brad nailing method is effective for a single layer design applications, not multi depth designs. Brads do not grip well to fasten panels one on top of another.
  • The 18 gauge brad nailer will not penetrate studs. The result is a brad that will remain visible, bent etc. on the panel surface. Keep a small pair of pliers with you to conveniently handle stud issues, misfires or panel repositioning.
  • Keep extra brads in pocket/pouch during the install vs running out mid panel, especially when on a ladder. Check the magazine frequently to prevent rework.
  • Fasten brads through the face of the product for optimal grab, not through panel edges. Fastening patterns and the amount of brads varies by application. Stay at least 1” away from panel edges. Fasten panel corners and along the panel edges as needed to ensure a flush mount, especially if the finished panel edge will be visible in the design. Flush mount fastening also applies to ensure quality seams between two panels.
  • When on a ladder, lift, scaffold, etc., always use the reversible belt hook for safety. Do not rest the nailer, for example on a step of a ladder, as it can fall easily.
  • Remove the compatible foot to store the Paslode nailer in its case.

View Installation Instructions Here

For more information visit the product page on Paslode's website.

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