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AcoustiColor® Acoustic Shapes

Select one of our standard colors or choose a custom color from Sherwin-Williams for an additional $5. After selecting the "Custom" Cover Material Color on this page, simply enter the color code (e.g., SW 6965) into the text box provided. Colors cannot be combined. Contact one of our Acoustic Specialists via chat, phone 1.866.505.MUTE, or our contact form if you would like to use a paint color other than Sherwin-Williams or if you have any other questions.

Fabrics, colors, and images may be slightly different from what you see on your monitor. To ensure accuracy, we encourage customers to order our Sample Packs.

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AcoustiColor® Acoustic Shapes

Bring your wall art ideas to life by adding Acoustic Shapes to any space. They are perfect for adding an artistic touch to any space.

Acoustic Shapes provide excellent sound absorption. Each shape is created using eco-C-tex® absorption material. AcoustiColor products are available in several standard color options or you can choose your own custom color. Find a color that matches your existing décor or select a color that will be the focal point in your space. Browse colors on the Sherwin-Williams website.

Choose from 16 shapes in two pack sizes (small and large), and three thicknesses (0.5", 1", and 1.5").


  • Great Sound Absorption at a Low Price: Equally as effective as our Fabric Acoustic Panels.
  • Safe: Completely fiberglass-free, unlike alternative sound absorbing material. Fiberglass can irritate lungs, eyes, skin, and throat.
  • Eco-Friendly: The core sound absorption material, eco-C-tex®, is made of a blend of cotton and cellulose (most of which comes from recycled newspapers!). Making eco-C-tex takes 1/10th the energy of making fiberglass and 1/40th of making foam.
  • Class-A Fire Rated: Suitable for use in commercial spaces, conforms to most building regulations.

Each order contains 16 square feet of AcoustiColor Acoustic Shapes. The number of shapes included in each order depends on the shape selected and pack size.

Small Pack - Quantity Included per Order:

  • Parallelogram, Diamond: 12
  • Circle: 14
  • Ring, Plank, Rounded Square, Concave Square, Convex Square: 16
  • Chevron: 17
  • Oval, Concave Oval, Hexagon: 20
  • Bicone, Scallop: 25
  • Triangle: 28
  • Right Triangle: 32

Large Pack - Quantity Included per Order:

  • Circle, Ring, Parallelogram, Hexagon, Diamond, Rounded Square, Concave Square, Convex Square, Oval: 4
  • Scallop: 5
  • Concave Oval, Triangle: 6
  • Bicone, Chevron: 8
  • Plank: 10
  • Right Triangle: 18

AcoustiColor Touch-Up Kit

Every AcoustiColor product purchase includes an AcoustiColor Touch Up Kit, because bumps and dings happen. This all-in-one paint touch-up kit is specially formulated to provide long-lasting repairs to small nicks, scratches, and chips with a simple squeeze of the enclosed bottle.

Have questions? Give our Acoustic Specialists a call at 1.866.505.MUTE.

Please Note: AcoustiColor Acoustic Shapes are created using recycled materials, so natural variations in texture and shading can occur, especially from order to order.

Orders of $2,500 or more may require longer lead times. Please contact us if there are any questions.

Acoustical Performance

Cut Sheets - View our Acoustic Panel cut sheet here.

0.5" Thickness - 0.55 NRC  |  1" Thickness - 0.75 NRC  |  1.5" Thickness - 0.95 NRC - View 0.5" Sound Lab Report here.  |   View 1" Sound Lab Report here.  |   View 1.5" Sound Lab Report here.

Acoustic Tolerance Icon

0.5" & 1" Thicknesses - (+/-) 1/8"  |  1.5" Thickness - (+/-) 1/4".


Approximately 0.75 - 1 lb per piece.

Recycled Materials eco-C-tex® sound absorption material consists of a blend of recycled cotton and cellulose fibers, the majority of which are post-consumer recycled newspaper and requires an astounding 1/10th of the amount of energy to produce compared to traditional fiberglass.
Health Rated Safe for your health. Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, no fiberglass.
Fire Rating Class A Fire-Rated (ASTM E-84). The materials used in our acoustic products have received the highest rating possible under the ASTM E-84. Learn more.
Acoustic Product Installation Our Acoustic Panels are designed to be mounted to a surface using hang tabs, a construction-grade adhesive such as Loctite® Power Grab® Express Heavy Duty, or using a brad nailer such as a Paslode® Brad Nailer and our Compatible Foot. Other installation methods can be used, such as industrial foam tape, however, we have not tested other methods and therefore cannot guarantee their effectiveness and are not responsible for installation failures.
View installation instructions here.
Custom Acoustic Solutions Want to create a sound solution that’s totally unique to your space? We have experienced Acoustic Specialists ready to empower you to create your own soundproofing solution. The possibilities are endless with custom images, sizes, shapes, finishing, and framing options. Ready to get the ball rolling? Reach out to one of our Acoustic Specialists via chat, phone 1.866.505.MUTE, contact form, or free room analysis form.

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