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What Does It Mean When an Acoustic Material Is Fire-Rated?

When selecting absorption materials, fire rating can be as important as acoustic performance. Residential applications, typically, do not require fire rated materials. However, many building codes do mandate the use of fire-resistant materials in construction, especially if portions of the building are open to the public or shared commons. For public spaces and commercial applications, fire-rated products are generally required. They also can be a responsible idea for any occupied space. Generally, you should look for Class A fire-rated acoustic materials when you plan to buy acoustic panels. Unless otherwise noted in the product specs, our panels are made with Class A fire-rated fabric and eco-C-tex®.

The Class A fire rating means that the materials used in the acoustic wall treatments have received the highest rating possible under the ASTM E-84, a test that measures the burning characteristics of building materials. Our product line includes Audimute Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Tiles, and Bass Traps made of only Class A fire-rated acoustic materials. Our panels, unless otherwise specified, are covered by Class A Fire-Rated fabric by Guilford of Maine, and eco-C-tex, a Class A fire-rated absorption material made from natural cotton and renewable cellulose. Audimute products are perfect for studios, restaurants, offices, and any other application where fire-rated acoustic noise control is essential. We take your safety seriously, and each product is designed to offer a long-lasting and safe acoustic wall covering solution in any room.

The Class A –rated designation is given only to acoustic materials that show exceptionally low surface flame spread, smoke, and heat when exposed to fire. Our panels are not fireproof. However, no fabric or absorption material does more than Class A-rated materials to reduce the risk of “flashover,” an instance where material exposed to high heat ignites contributing to the spread of a fire.

Class A–rated materials have been made fire resistant through changes in the material’s chemical makeup or with the application of a flame-retardant chemical.

Our Acoustic Specialists can tell you more about our fire-rated acoustic material. However, we are not specialists in local building codes. Please consult with local authorities or a building professional before installing any acoustic material, to ensure compliance with the building codes and safety requirements in your area. For questions on product fire rating, please give our Acoustic Specialists a call at 1.866.505.MUTE.

For more technical data related to Audimute absorption products, please refer to the “Specs & Installation” tab located on product pages.