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DIY Acoustic Panel Installation

Tips and Troubleshooting for Installation Day

  • You don't need a specialist for installing Acoustic Panels - a trusted contractor, building professional, or handy-man should be able easily to install panels in a larger scale application. Or, just do it yourself!
  • For the best acoustical results, make sure your panels are positioned to face the sound source and, ideally, at the points of first deflection.
  • Plan first, then install - create a simple sketch or cut out shapes to mimic your panels and place them on the wall (don't be afraid of creativity - we've seen spectacular designs accomplished with simple square panels).
  • Use a laser level or snap a chalk line when hanging several panels at the same height over one or more walls.
  • For Gallery Wrapped Acoustic Panels, don't over tighten screws when affixing panel clips to the wall - when clips are too tight, panels tend not to hang flat.
  • Try a wood shim between your panel clip and the wall to give your panel the appearance of hanging flat, even if your wall surface is not flat.
  • For Gallery Wrapped Acoustic Panels, when hanging panels larger than 2'x3' in a horizontal position, use 2 clips (some extra large panels may require 3 or more clips) and space them about 6 inches in from the corners.
  • View all installation instructions here.